5 Free Apps That Can Be an Alternative to Microsoft Paint

Posted on July 25, 2017, 10:17 pm
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We have listed 5 Free Apps that we can use instead of Paint as we prepare to say goodbye to Microsoft Paint. We say goodbye to Paint, who helps many of you to experience your first digital picture. But even if it’s not a Paint, there are some alternative applications that will give you more features. Here are 5 free applications to replace Paint:

1- Artweaver 


If you like to paint in Paint, this application is for you. The application, which also supports the touch screen, gives you a useful drawing service with realistic brush and pen options.

There is also a paid version if you want to use it more professionally.



This program is a bit more masterful. If you just say ‘I will make cat and dog drawings myself’, this program may come to you a lot. But if you want to push some of your skills, you can do masterful business digital drawings with the features offered.

3- IrfanView

If you want a simpler and more convenient application, IrfanView can be the program you are looking for. You can change the size of the images and rotate them. You can also enhance your visuals with various effects. Of course, they also have basic painting and painting tools.

4- Krita

Here is another program that will force an amateur drawing, but make your talented friends happy.The software will help you a lot in drawing, even your trembling hand will not even break your drawing.An application that most comic book lovers might want to use.


5- Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor, a browser-based application, allows you to do this on your browser without loading the program when you need to play with the pictures on the web. If you feel like you have a complex structure, we are thinking about your familiarity. The program is a multi-image editor through a drawing.

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