5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

Posted on June 30, 2017, 8:36 pm
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Television is full of secret agents. But only one of them could find their place in the Oxford English Dictionary . MacGyver  became a verb because of his passion for producing improvised solutions with only the materials in his possession. Our hero has since inspired its inventors and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY ) – and now they are inspiring MacGyver.

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home


“The character, unlike the usual, is highly specific because he does not need a silo or traditional tools. According to the progress of the story, he was a hero who adapted something to them and addressed them to the brain, “says Peter Lenkov, the creator and chief producer of MacGyver. “The original sequel has added entertainment, watching MacGyver make something up.”


The first version, which was released between 1985 and 1992, is different from the new version. Lenkov explains that this difference, acting alone, is part of a team of former hero Richard Dean Anderson and new hero Lucas Till. “There is more of a family environment,” says Lenkov. “It is interacting with more people.”

But MacGyver is still clever and still improvising inventors and the team is aiming to make it as plausible as possible that MacGyver is using the other. For this purpose, Lenkov and his authors are working with Rhett Allain, technical advisor. He is also a physics professor, blogger and writer.

Allain explains, “I get the ideas that the authors bring, and I check their plausibility.” “Ideas do not have to be 100% correct; I look at the knowledge behind them and I think they can really be. Then the idea is approaching technically and looking at how they really need to be done. ”

Do-It-Yourself MacGyver

For example; Allain wrote in detail how the inner fire extinguisher of a foamed corpse bag, technically, could relieve MacGyver from falling from a four-story van. At the same time he tied it to a precise timing and your luck might have gone away. You should never, never and certainly never try your own.

When the writers come up with a new trick to portray, Allain offers them alternatives. For example, in chapter 3, let’s take a look at the night vision glasses MacGyver wants to do. “The team will paint the glasses of the glasses red and blue so that they will be able to see the infrared lights of our hero,” says Allain.

“But the three-dimensional glasses that provide infrared vision confused their minds.” Instead, Allain proposed to take advantage of cameras that could communicate with the infrared channel, that is, capture infrared light. MacGyver would design an infrared goggle using a camera’s infrared filter, a microscope screen, and an LED light array. “Of course it’s hard to get things done in a short time,” admits Allain, “but the number is definitely valid.”


The inspiration of some sections comes when MacGyver is writing ‘that’ situation where it is impossible to get out, and brainstorming how to get rid of it. Other projects are found on the internet. “I am a big fan of the Do-It-Yourself movement and I am using the projects of this action to get new ideas,” he says. “If I see a cool idea, I take it on the list. I thought I might be interested in one of the future MacGyver episodes, and I’m doing my preparations. ”

The series can benefit from Do-it-yourself, but vice versa: Do-It-Yourself can try out the numbers they see on the line. We asked Lenkov a few good tricks that amateurs could repeat. Some of them are safe enough to be done at home. Others may cause death, destruction, limb loss, etc., if not done correctly. If you are not a real secret agent, you should avoid them.


Laser Microphone

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Laser Microphone


Do you want to listen to your neighbors secretly? In a similar situation, MacGyver developed a remote-sensing laser microphone. The ongoing conversation in a room creates vibrations in the air. These vibrations are carried to the window of a window. At this stage, there is a need for a laser window that targets everyone who wants to do eavesdropping; Glass candy and light-sensitive photocell *. The photocell detects the fluctuations in the laser beam – and if that photocell is connected with a loudspeaker, this loudspeaker turns the vibrations of the window into sound waves.

In the series MacGyver is using the laser of the CD player to do such a thing and using the sun light as the photocell. The laser must be extremely stable, so my agent uses gum to paste the laser. These are the basic materials used to make a laser microphone, but it is not possible to make precise instruments with such crude-and-ready methods of our hero.

“You can do it yourself,” says Allain, but “the components will be a bit more difficult.” In real life you might want to add an audio amplifier to this system. For more detailed instructions, you can look at the Do It Yourself: Agent Laser Project , designed by Lucid Science. * Photocell: light sensor that generates voltage correctly with light intensity falling on it.


Burning Starter

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Fire Starter


As any canon knows, it is difficult to see that you can burn fire using branches, if you are dealing with a heavenly wood. MacGyver, a compulsory landing in the woods, has a simple solution to this effect: adding pine seeds. Sticky material leaking from the pine custody quickly catches fire.

MacGyver extracts the essence from a tree trunk and burns it with a flame.
“This is one of the best numbers,” says Allain. For more information, you can browse Mother Earth News , which tells you how to make a mummified cone and fire at the center of the center by placing putty pellets of this essence. You can also slice the “wood tar” of the wet agar into bars and fire them using the outwardly protruding pile splinters. But remember that playing with fire can be dangerous, if you use too much spark, your sparks can grow out of control.


Gas Mask Made Of Soda Bottle

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Gas Mask Made Of Soda Bottle


In the third season of the season, MacGyver, while defending his lungs with a gas mask made from a soda bottle to defeat his enemies, leaves his enemies alone with the chemical smoke soup he creates. He cuts the bottle to fit his face, lifts it, and uses a bicycle wheel’s inner cables to attach it to the skin. It leaves a small gap for breathing and closes the rest with a wet newspaper.

“The basic idea is to use the wet paper as a filter,” says Allain. “In the rest of the mascot, the air had to flow through the paper. This works for some gasses, but not for all gases. “So if you want to make your own soda bottles, do not expect this mascot to protect you from, for example, tear gas or pepper spray. For more information, you can also check out this version from the user frenzy from Instructables , see the photo above.


Fire Ballon

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Fire Ballon


It allows you to see the earth with the eyes of the birds, to evaluate the situation more clearly, and to attack your enemy more effectively. MacGyver designed a primitive hot air balloon to provide these conditions without a satellite or a dron. First he prepared the aluminum foil platform from a dry cleaning bag as a hanger.

Under the platform, he placed a Sterno (canned food) box on a cell phone lanyard and platform that broadcast live. When our hero burned the fire, the bag began to fill up with hot air and ascended, allowing the phone to serve as a flying reconnaissance vehicle.

But there is a problem! Hot air, although it will rise more than cold air, can not carry much weight – a cell phone and a container filled with fuel will draw the balloon at times. “That’s why this example is a valid idea in theory,” says Allain, “but in practice it will be stretched.”

Instead of MacGyver’s design, you can try the fire ball made by William Gurstelle, a contributor to Popular Science, which you can see in the photo above. In this case, too, there is a dry cleaning bag filled with hot air, but the balloon is heated with a small amount of jelly alcohol, not with the Sterno canister. Please follow Gurstelle’s recommended rules and tie your fire-carrying balloon around.


Leyden Jar (Electric Storage Container) Battery

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Leyden Jar (Electric Storage Container) Battery


It’s a bit of a disappointment for many of us that our precious phones are out of charge. In a part of MacGyver, our hero, who has gone out, has been so desperate that he is in a thunderstorm. The aim is to charge a laden jar.

“Leyden jar is a real technology product,” says Allain. The instrument is one of the earliest scientists have studied electrics – one of the jars used by the 18th century Italian scientist Luigi Galvani. “It’s a cage where the electricity is stored in the jar, but it’s bigger than you see on the radio or on the electronics. One side is made of metal and the other side is made of conductive salt water. Charge, you wear one of the sides and the jar stores it.

To make a laden jar in the wild, MacGyver fills a plastic bottle with walnut roots and salted water. For the electrodes, clamp around the bottle and place a piece of metal from the helicopter that falls into the water in the bottle. The bottle is charged with electricity in the air when the stab is held towards the thunderstorm. It then uses this track to charge the phone.

Leyden jars can be dangerous – if you make a huge one, electrical shocks can cause injury or death – but with security measures you can certainly make a Leyden jar at home. Some Do-It-Yourself versions even use salt water as MacGyver does. Just protect yourself against the possibility of electric shock when charging yourself.


Car Battery from Welding Machine

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Car Battery from Welding Machine


Here It is one of the Do-It-Yourself numbers which is very dangerous to test at home. In the second part of the series, McGyver is connected to a car battery via spark plug cables. When the coins are built, the electric current swings between them and creates an extremely hot spark that cuts the MacGyver metal door from the front with the spark.

As popular science has documented, you can actually weld a welding machine with a car battery to soften and melt the metal. Above you can see Chris Hackett’s project, which contributed to this issue. But if you do not know what you are doing, you can burn yourself, get an electric shock, and cause everything from home fires to the horrific injuries that lead to death. For this reason, the number you bet is the number you have to stay away from.


Termite Spear

5 MacGyver Creativities You Need To Do And Not To Do At Home

MacGyver Termite Spear


MacGyver does not need a car to resist the steel. When trapped in a fugitive trend, he decides to break the metal that connects the engine to other parts of the car. To do this, magnesium and rusty sawdust are stacked into a long, metal bump. It will fire it with a torch. Termite burns up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit. This improvised termite spear is hot enough to cut not only steel but also other materials and materials.

Termite can be useful-workers use it to solder their road connections – but this is a number that is not suitable for beginners. “Termites are dangerous, but construction is easy,” says Allain. “They can be really hot – if you have a container, it will melt it from the side. It emits a lot of light, and if you do not know what you are doing, you can get rid of yourself. ”


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