A Detailed Look At The 13 Reasons Why Series

Posted on July 31, 2017, 10:43 am
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13 Reasons Why, a series that will connect you to yourself from the first episode! The thriller novel of 13 Reasons Why, which Jay Asher received in 2007, soon became a phenomenon in America. This year, the novel, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary with the new press, has been sequenced by Netflix. Let’s examine the subject of this series, which has become a phenomenon together now: The series is a film about the scenes of a young girl’s suicide. The season also has 13 sections.

A detailed look at the 13 Reasons Why series

Hannah Baker, a seventeen-year-old high school student, has been tortured for a while. There seems to be no valid reason in the middle and the family is in shock. Clay Jensen, one of Lisa’s brilliant students, finds a box in front of his door after a while. At first it is not clear who came from … There are old procedural cassettes in the box. When you open the box, you will see that there are exactly 13 cassettes inside.

These tapes were recorded by her friend Hannah Baker, whom Clay liked very much but could not open. Interestingly, Hannah Baker committed suicide two weeks ago. Baker advises Clay that the first videotape will detect 13 people who have plundered him with these tapes. Will Pete Clay take out the girl’s last wish and fall in love with 13 people who have committed suicide? Why did Hannah choose Clay for this job, not the police? Let’s try to find the answer to these questions that make us all curious.

In total there are seven cassettes. Clay begins to listen to the first of these tapes, which are numbered on each face, going up to 13, the first big shock: the voice in the cassettes; It belongs to Hannah and tells her to go through her way on her way to suicide. Every cassette tells a person who caused it. So if you bought these tapes, you have one of these tapes and you have a share of everything.
If you do not obey the rules, the contents of the cassettes will spread out so that everyone can reach them. Because the copy is in one.

– You’ll listen to all of the tapes in turn.
– When you are finished, you will be posting the betting person.

Clay, who has no idea what Hannah would do if she committed suicide, does not want to listen to the tapes even if she is not ready. So many secrets and answers come out, Hannah begins to walk to the edge of the cliff. Moreover, it is not limited to this, because those who are on the tapes before Clay are also prepared to protect their secrets and to do everything they can to prevent Clay from talking.

Hannah’s family, who sued the school for accusing her of negligence for her daughter’s incident, is also present. For this reason, the school is starting to investigate students more deeply by investigating the subject.

In the episodes in the series, the past and present are intertwined. On the one hand, we are witnessing how Hannah is living. If we need to get to know more about the knee; Starring actress Hannah Baker is Katherine Langford, who gave her life. If we do not count the short film which is the previous experience of the young player, 13 Reasons Why is his first and serious work. Despite being an Australian, the lineup really plays with a flawless American accent. We can say about him: he is not actually an imaginary player. Katherine Langford did not have plans to become a player until two years ago, when she finished the liquor. When you ask her what she will do after reading it, her response is that she is studying at the faculty of medicine or political science.

Although the series is generally regarded as an adolescent series, only one of the players is an adult. That’s Devin Druid in the role of Hannah’s stalker, Tyler Down. The young actor was born in 1998. The remaining players are at the beginning of the 20’s. Ross Butler in the oldest Zach role between them; He is 26 years old. Even if the theme of your series seems to be the work of a teenager, you see that it is not.

As we said at the beginning, Those who read a book and read books before, are not very happy with the series. 13 Reasons Why, in the name of translation in our country The Thirteen Reasons to Die is a 2007 book written by Jay Asher. That is why those who read books are disturbed by some things they see on their knees. Because the cassettes located in the center of the incident are spread by the clay player Clay. However, in the book, the tapes were resting overnight. In addition, parents on the line, the topic is very much; In contrast, there are differences in the book as much as parents are not mentioned.

Hannah’s suicide is breaking her heart. Hannah, known to have committed suicide by taking pills in her book, commits suicide by cutting her wrist in her serial version. It is necessary to say that this preference is a preference for the visual aspect. Because the scene is really impressive.

Selena Gomez is one of the producers of the series. But there is more. Selena Gomez says she has a personal bond with the series. He had a relationship between books and series with problems such as panic attacks and anxiety disorders during high school. It was also a suggestion for the book to be a series. In fact, in 2012, he will become a cinema film to play in his lead.

Changing colors in shooting also means a lot. The audience on the show immediately understands what this detail is. The colors used in the line Hannah’s life are very different from the colors used in the scenes after Hannah’s death. The cold face of death, reflected clearly in the absence of Hannah. This is one of the small details that show how impressive the index is. If you are still watching, we definitely recommend watching.

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