Dimitra Milan Signature Colorful Tables

Posted on August 03, 2017, 5:10 pm
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Dimitra Milan is a young and talented artist who has become a well-known painter of paintings both in America and Europe when she was 15 years old.

At the moment, 17-year-old Milan’s mother and father are painters like her. In fact, they are the founders of the Milan Art Institute, which also completed the education of Dimitra Milan in Arizona.

A Colorful World of Dimitra Milan

The Dimitra Milan tablets make you feel like you have just opened the doors of a fantastic world.

Flowers, animals, nature and people come together in a way that is perhaps not possible in everyday life, and a somewhat surreal, somewhat magical color burst.

Art is another window that opens. He brings paradise to the world and changes us from the inside.
Art is a window into another realm. It brings heaven to earth and transforms us from within. Dimitra Milan


When asked about the female figures she often uses in her paintings, she says that she identifies herself with the women she paints, and that in one place they are their own reflection.

Again, when asked about the animal figures he used frequently, he said, “I love animals as much as I can. Ever since I started talking, I’ve been telling my parents that I want a farm. I have a shot I love very much right now. The animals I use in my pictures have symbolic meanings. Sometimes I know that from the beginning, some time later I discover it. ”

Milan, who has made significant contributions to his social aid projects with his paintings, says that Hawaii, which he often travels to, is a big contributor to his work.

Dimitra Milan, Greek-born, was born and raised in America. “I always wanted to see the land I felt belonged to and I lived there for a year. I fell in love with history, nature, architecture and people. Of course, I also had a hard time … For some, I was just an Americaniki. ”



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